September 27, 2022

TEN Things to do Before Buying an Apartment in Kenya

When buying an apartment in Kenya there are key things that you must consider before investing your hard-earned money. They comprise of choice of location of the apartment, reconnaissance visits, research on places, proximity to social amenities, age of the apartment, security, presence of balconies, maintenance charges, car parking, and proximity to clubs, entertainments and joints.

  •  Location of the apartment

Choosing the most appropriate location or area is essential to enable you to get that of your choice. Apartments in most parts of Nairobi are located in very serene environments, providing you with many options to choose from.

  • Survey visits

Survey visits are vital to enable clients to know exactly where the apartments are located. With such visits, you will have sufficient information at your disposal to make the right decisions and by property according to your taste. Also, this ensures that you get value for your money.

  • Research on places

Market research in the real estate sector in Kenya is of great benefit to potential clients. You can compare rates offered by various agents and select the best pick that fits your budget.

  • Proximity to amenities

Choosing an apartment near essential amenities such as hospitals, schools, churches, gyms and swimming pools gives you a lot of convenience in the long term. Closeness to such a facility minimizes travel costs and saves you time

  • Age of the apartment

Knowing the age of an apartment is fundamental in making decisions when planning to purchase the whole apartment or some of the units. The best way to determine the age of an apartment is by involving the services of an architect.

  • Security

Security in and around an apartment gives clients the assurance of not having to worry about vices such as theft and attacks from assailants. Therefore, check whether the apartment is fitted with surveillance cameras and fenced with concrete perimeter walls fitted with electric fences.

  • Balconies

The balconies will provide you with an epic view of your surroundings with fresh air whenever you are enjoying a long weekend. Ensure balconies are strategically placed so that you cannot miss catching the beautiful sun rays on a bright morning.

  • Maintenance charges

You should know the maintenance charges to enable you to apportion money for it in your budget. Some of these charges include security and garbage collection, elevator, water charges, property tax and municipal tax charges.

  • Car parking

Ensure that the apartment has ample parking space that will accommodate a sizeable number of vehicles.

  • Proximity to clubs and Entertainment and joints

Clubs and entertainment joints are known to be a source of noise and interference by revellers. Therefore, it is wise to ensure the apartment you plan to buy is far from such spots.

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