September 5, 2022

Steps to purchase an apartment in Kenya

Find the right Realtor / Broker.

Don’t just accept the first realtor you find. You are going to want someone that truly knows what he or she is doing and that is what we do at Rubrina Properties.

House Hunting

Find an apartment that excite you (and that you can afford) and schedule walkthroughs with your realtor. When you do walkthrough’s, don’t just look at the apartment. You are going to want to also spend time seeing the neighbourhood and the amenities

Due Diligence

Do your due – diligence to make sure you would be absolutely comfortable and happy at your future home.

Calculate ownership costs

No matter what you look at, there are going to be monthly fees (service charge). Ask what they are and be sure to add those costs to your monthly expenditures.


You can ask for the seller to make repairs to the unit. Its in their best interest to work with you because the property listing will say whether or not a deal fell through. Other buyers will likely figure out why and will adjust their offer accordingly.


Closing will feel like an eternity away, but when the day finally comes you will ned to bring a check for down payment and closing costs as well sign the necessary paperwork. Expect closing to take about 20 -30 minutes. Once all the paperwork is done, your realtor will give you the key to your new home!


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