September 27, 2022

FIVE Emerging Technologies Used in Kenya's Real Estate Sector

Technology is slowly revolutionizing the Kenyan real estate industry immensely. Agents utilizing technology are a step ahead of those who are not technology savvy. In this era of digital dispensation, clients would need to have a peek at what you are selling online before they can avail themselves of the location of the said property. Some of the disruptive technologies used include artificial intelligence, Data analytics, virtual reality, 3D printed buildings and blockchain.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in assisting stakeholders, agents and customers to make decisions faster. The available data can be manipulated by artificially intelligent systems to do predictive analysis on room sizes, prices and other factors to help make projections on future sales and purchases  of apartments. Additionally, the artificial intelligence systems provide recommendations on relevant house listings for clients hence saving the time spent in searching all over the internet.

  1. Robotics and Drones

Developers apply robotics and drone technology to enable customers ask questions and also a clear view of the property they intend to buy. Robots attached to drones can show you around an apartment by utilizing embedded cameras and maps.

  1. Virtual Reality

Real estate developers are now integrating virtual tour technology that allows prospective clients to have a live tour around the rooms of the apartments being sold. Moreover, developers apply virtual reality technology to show the development of an apartment, modifications of its parts and final completion.

  1. 3D printed buildings

The 3D printed building technology uses the 3D construction 3D printing which plays an important role in minimizing costs labour costs and reducing costs. In addition, 3D-printed buildings can be constructed in areas considered dangerous for humans to work.

  1. Blockchain

Purchases of assets for long time been either been done by cash or through the normal banking systems. However, blockchain technology has introduced the use of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Therefore, transactions can be completed through bitcoins without involving a lot of intermediaries.

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